Hi there! My name is Einav (pronounced: "Eighnoughv"; think "eight" + "enough" but with a "v" at the end. OK, that was exhausting even for me...), I work in hi-tech, but my true addiction is baking!

The meaning of my (exhausting) name in Hebrew is 'grape', hence the grapes on the background... 

I got the idea for the blog name from an absolutely hideous shirt I have that has "EINAV MODE" printed on it - I don't know why I have this shirt in the first place (probably was my mom's or my sister's originally), I don't know why it has "EINAV MODE" printed on it, I basically don't know anything about it... But it's a cool blog name for someone named Einav, isn't it? Yeah, I thought so too...

And that's me, wearing the hideous shirt and a very non-hideous Boston Red Sox baseball cap (note: the "B" is pink, not red! Yes, this is a critical piece of information). In the background: Boston (shocking...):

Thank you for visiting my blog! 
I hope you will find reading it as enjoyable as writing it is for me!

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